Founded in 2018 by former University of Tennessee football players, Jabari Davis and Chris Treece, the Legends of Tennessee Football Camps are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization involving youth sports camps. The camps engage  former University of Tennessee athletes in communities teaching life skills, football fundamentals, character, teamwork, discipline and respect. Our goal is to uplift and encourage the Tennessee youth to work hard, set goals, and never give up on their dreams.

To bring the best camps, education, inspiration and life-skill training to push the youth to new heights. Our organization aims high to enhance vitality in a child's community. We believe children can learn the fundamentals of life at an early age and with our camps, the whole community grows and benefits.
Since 2018, The Legends of Tennessee Football Camps has helped over 3,000 young athletes boost personal confidence, meet positive role models, and motivate the Tennessee youth to achieve athletic and academic success. Our organization has given over $5,000 to help assist young athletes and youth organizations in Tennessee. Studies have shown that kids attending sports camps can develop the knowledge and skill they need to maintain a healthy, positive lifestyle and eliminate depression.

Life skills Lessons

Throughout each camp, children are taught powerful skills and lessons specific to success in sports as well as in life. Each coach shares the story of his rise through the ranks, helping children see the value of approaching activities and challenges with a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and self-awareness.

Teamwork Development

Campers from diverse circumstances and backgrounds are placed into teamwork-situations related to sports and life during their camp experience. This  meaningful teamwork approach represents the real-life interactions children will experience throughout their lives.

Healthy Competition

Throughout the camp experience, children are involved in healthy competition. Through games and contests, children learn to push themselves to perform at a high level and to achieve their best effort.


Coaches model good sportsmanship throughout the camp. In addition, children receive constructive feedback, including opportunities for development, as well as, praise and recognition.